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Sundance Loofa Bar, Cocoa Butter Soap, Ready to ship

Sundance Loofa Bar, Cocoa Butter Soap, Ready to ship

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This soap is a nice chunky bar! It's made with a one inch slice of loofa embedded into the soap, as well as decadent Cocoa Butter! The scent is Sundance, a sweet blend of Orange, Tangerine and Grapefruit. This scent really is loved by everyone!   You can exfoliate or not, depending on how you " aim" it! :-)

We used Goat milk in these bars because it's fabulous for sensitive or dry skin. We used to make the soap without it and once we tried it we never went back!! It makes the pH of the soap much closer to our skin's own natural pH and adds B vitamins as well. We also love the creaminess of the lather the Goat Milk provides. Your soft skin will be happy too!

The soaps are actually biodegradable too, in fact you can find most of the ingredients in your own kitchen. The soap is great for your skin and the environment too!


All of our soaps are made with Saponified Olive OIl, Cococnut Oil, Soybean Oil, Goat Milk, Glycerine, Honey, Vitamin E

Some soap also contain Shea Butter, Oatmeal, Mango butter as described in its listing.

Shipping & Returns

We use USPS for our delivery for you. Purchases of $30 pay no shipping fee!


1" Thick

3.25" across

2.75" tall

Care Instructions

The soap likes to stay dry between uses, for best results, use a well draining soap dish and keep out of direct stream of water when not in use!

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